We ensure life-enriching opportunities for people with disabilities by providing funding, advocacy, volunteers and education in partnership with the County of Sacramento, Regional Parks , Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS).


Therapeutic Recreation Services in the County of Sacramento has been providing year-round therapeutic recreation opportunities since 1975 for children, teens & adults with mental, physical,  developmental, sensory and emotional impairments or  special needs.

In 2009, county budget cuts were threatening the foundation of TRS programming. Rather than fold under the pressure, TRS got creative, and Pathways to Recreation was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization.

Pathways has since provided the opportunity for people and organizations that believe in the mission of TRS to donate directly, funding scholarships to keep the opportunities TRS offers accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic position.


Since 2009, Pathways has received donations that directly benefit TRS participants by funding scholarships. Everyone deserves a life of rich experiences and opportunities. 

Your donation helps to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can access opportunities to learn and grow in their own community.

We want to say thank you!


Delia McGrath

Pathways Board President and parent of TRS enthusiast

TRS provides the fun in the lives of special needs adults, everything from dances and movie nights to Christmas shopping trips to San Francisco. Through these events, participants build a social network and feel connected to a caring community. My son transitioned easily into his adult years once he found this welcoming community.
I can't imagine someone sitting at home alone because they don't have the funds needed to participate in these social events and am thrilled to help raise funds and advocate for our community members. Participation on the Pathways to Recreation board just required a few hours of my time to help our friends, we can always use your help as well. If interested in becoming a Pathways to Recreation supporter or board member, please contact TRS.

Morris Walsh

Family Member & Supporter

Morris is a family member of a TRS participant and supporter of TRS. He also owns his own contracting business as well as being an avid golfer!

Kristen Lyall

Participant, Supporter & Advocate

Kristen has been a participant for many years with TRS! She enjoys traveling, good food and making friends! Kristen also teaches people with disabilities how to use communication devices and has been an advocate in the community of people with disabilities for many years.

James Peterson

Family Member & Supporter

James is a family member of a TRS participant and has been a supporter of TRS and Pathways for many years.

Kathy Altheide Bussey

Treasurer and Special Olympics Coach

I have a daughter that participates in TRS.